Pawn Shop Do’s & Don’ts, Part 2

Now that you’re familiar with five important must do’s when doing business with a pawn broker (if you missed it, check them out here), it’s time to share a few don’ts, as well. So here are a few things to avoid next time you’re considering buying, selling, or securing a loan at your local pawn shop.

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Why Pawn Offers Vary From Shop To Shop

At Common Exchange, we love fielding our clients’ questions regarding the inner-workings of the pawn industry. One of them, which we hear quite often, has do to with the difference in pawn offers from shop to shop. Since the answer is a bit involved, we thought it deserved a data-driven blog post of its very own. Here goes:

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4 Reasons To Pawn Your Vehicle

When most people are thinking of items that can be pawned, their minds often gravitate towards things like precious metals, electronics, and fine jewelry. However, they may be overlooking something that they use just about everyday. No, we’re not taking about the TV remote control; we’re referring to their automobiles.

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