Getting Maximum Value For Your Smartphone or Tablet

Smartphones have become an integral part of modern life, but this convenience doesn’t come cheaply. That’s why savvy consumers want to get maximum value for their used device before purchasing a new one. Using your phone as collateral or trade at a pawn shop is a great way to do this. So how can you get top value for your used iPhone or Galaxy? Here are some tips to consider to Getting Maximum Value For Your Smartphone or Tablet


One of the easiest steps you can take to ensure maximum value for your smartphone is to make sure it looks its best. Luckily, they are pretty easy to clean: a few passes with a disinfectant wipe, followed up by drying it with a paper towel, is really all a phone requires. Also, don’t forget to remove the protective case prior to cleaning as dust and grit can easily collect underneath.

Security & Software:

Getting-Maximum-Value-For-Your-SmartphoneOne of the biggest problems pawn shops encounter when evaluating a smartphone is that the owner hasn’t removed their personal security information, such as passwords and fingerprint locks. This can lead to a real headache for a buyer, potentially rendering the phone useless.

If possible, perform a full reset of your phone’s operating system prior to taking it to the pawn shop. This will make it easy for the next user to quickly get set up and start texting or checking Facebook right away. Plus, it protects you by also removing any sensitive data, such as credit card and bank account numbers.

Another issue to consider is whether the phone is locked, meaning it is only compatible with a single carrier’s network. Unlocked phones, which allow a future user to pop in a sim card of their choice, are the most valuable on the open market. Enquire with your carrier regarding their unlock policies and procedures. While it may take a little bit of work, unlocking can significantly enhance your phone’s value.


The more complete an item is, the more value it can fetch. So, be sure to gather your device’s charging cords, headphones, and anything else it came with. Bringing your phone in with its original box and packaging is a bonus.


Pawn shops are legally required to take reasonable steps to ensure items they accept are not stolen. Making verification easy by providing a copy of your sales receipt or monthly statements can go a long way towards getting you top dollar for your phone.

Don’t Forget To Power Up:

This may seem obvious, but let your phone enjoy a good charging session before you come down to the pawn shop. This way the broker can quickly make sure the phone functions properly, a critical factor in getting maximum value. If they can’t see your phone in action, the offer will be significantly decreased or, possibly, even ruin a chance at making a deal.

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